Prevailing Wage

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In New York, workers employed on public works projects by private employers may be entitled to “prevailing wages,” which may be based on a number of factors, such as the type of work performed and its location.  Workers employed by private companies on building service contracts with a public agency may also be entitled to prevailing wages.
Prevailing wages for certain types of jobs, or “trade classifications,” may be set based on the relevant collective bargaining agreement in the particular area where similar work is performed.  Prevailing wage rates are often much higher than rates paid by private employers on non-union jobs.  Further, as part of prevailing wages, employers generally must pay supplemental benefits, which may be paid as an hourly rate in cash or in another form such as benefits.
For certain trade classifications, employers must pay overtime (one and half times an employee’s regular rate of pay) when an employee works longer than seven (7) or eight (8) hours in a day, or works on a particular day of the week such as Saturday or Sunday.   For some trade classifications, workers may even be entitled to double their regular rate on Sundays.
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